VI. Application of Article 41 of the Convention

Постановление ЕСПЧ от 12.04.2018 "Дело "Божков и другие (Bozhkov and Others) против Российской Федерации" (жалоба N 17071/05 и 5 других жалоб) [рус., англ.] (Вместе со Списком жалоб)

VI. Application of Article 41 of the Convention

16. Article 41 of the Convention provides:

"If the Court finds that there has been a violation of the Convention or the Protocols thereto, and if the internal law of the High Contracting Party concerned allows only partial reparation to be made, the Court shall, if necessary, afford just satisfaction to the injured party."

17. Regard being had to the documents in its possession and to its case-law, the Court considers it reasonable to award the sums indicated in the appended table.

18. The Court considers it appropriate that the default interest rate should be based on the marginal lending rate of the European Central Bank, to which should be added three percentage points.